Welcome to College of Computer and Information

The precursor of the Hohai University College of Computer and Information is from the electronics and computer major founded in 1978. And the adjustment of the dartments in 1995 brought College of Computer and Information Engineering into being. Along with the development of subject construction and personnel training, the new College of Computer and Information is established in 2009.

The college has Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Information and Telecommunication Engineering, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Department of Computer Fundamentals Teaching, Research Institute of Applied Computer Technologies, Research Institute of Intelligence Science and Technology, Research Institute of Telecommunication and Information System Engineering, Research Institute of Detection and Countermeasure, Experimental Center of Information Engineering, Experimental Center of Computer Fundamentals, Innovation Laboratory and Engineering Center of Monitoring Water Disaster and Decision Support System of Jiangsu Province.

The college has one research base for post-doctoral students in Computer Science and Technology, first-level class Ph.D. degrees in 3 disciplines: Computer Science and Technology, Information and Telecommunication Engineering, Software Engineering, and second-level class in Water Information Theories; first-level class master degrees in 4 disciplines: Computer Science and Technology, Information and Telecommunication Engineering, Software Engineering, Electronics Science and Technology, and second-level class master degrees in Pattern Identification and Intelligent Systems, Water Information Theories. In addition, there are 3 engineering master degrees: fields of Computer Technology, Software Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, and 1 master degree for university teachers: Applied Computer Technologies. The college offers 3 undergraduate majors: Computer Science and Technology, Telecommunication Engineering and Electronics and Information Engineering,. Among these, Applied Computer Technologies is awarded the key discipline of Ministry of Water Resources in 1996. And its echelons of discipline is awarded excellent in ‘Qinglan Program’ of Jiangsu Province; Software Engineering is awarded the Jiangsu key discipline of first-level class of the current five-year plan. The major of Computer Science and Technology is rated as the distinguishing one of Jiangsu Province in 2004 and in 2008, the national distinguishing major.

The major of Telecommunication Engineering is rated as the competitive  one of Jiangsu Province in 2008, and in 2010, the national distinguishing major. Majors of computer is successfully selected as the key of Jiangsu university of the current five-year plan in 2012. Electronics and Information Engineering is selected in the training plan of the excellent engineers education of Jiangsu Province in 2012. Experimental Center of Computer Fundamentals is awarded as the model center of experimental teaching of Jiangsu Province in 2009.

College of Computer and Information has 118 faculty and staff members, including 52 teachers having high academic title, 26 PhD supervisors. More than 20 teachers are awarded as winners of Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education, young and middle-aged leading scientists, leading scientists in the ‘333 High-Level Talent Training Program’ of Jiangsu Province, “Six Talents’ Peaks” of Jiangsu Province, leading academic scholars in ‘Qinglan Program’ of Jiangsu Province and various talents programs of provincial and ministerial level.

Always adhering to the Ideas of talents cultivation:” Strengthening the foundation, Attaching importance to practice, Pursuing innovation”, and the target of cultivating talents of high-level, the college has established a complete cultivating system from undergraduates to the doctoral students. It has a current enrollment of over 1200 undergraduates, over 600 full-time masters, over 300 engineering masters, and 150 doctors. The college is doing its best to improve the training of the practical and innovative ability of both the undergraduates and the graduates. Every year, there are hundreds of students winning prizes in a variety of national and provincial subject contests. For the years’ construction and development, the college has become the important base of talents cultivation and scientific research in the fields of Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information and Telecommunication Engineering, and Electronics and Information. And the employment of graduates invovles institutions, universities, scientific research organizations, large and medium-sized enterprises and so on. No matter they are famous university professors at home and abroad, the backbones of management and scientific research in the field of water conservancy, elites of IT, or the CEO of the innovative enterprise, they are able to represent special elegance of the college graduates in their respective fields.

In recent years, the college also has conducted many research projects, such as National 973,863, National Technology Supporting Plan and National Natural Science Foundation.

It presides over and takes part in many key projects in the field of water conservancy: Project of Three Gorges, Digital Project of the Yellow River, National Flood control command system and other important construction projects of water conservancy and hydropower engineering. The college has thousands of professional thesises published, including more than 500 high-level thesises, such as SCI, EI and so on. There are also over 20 monographs, hundreds of national patents, and over 20 science and technology progress awards above provincial and ministerial level.